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Tree Glass 16" Barrel to Sprinkler Bong

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  • 16" Barrel to Sprinkler Bong
  • premium glass bowl
  • smooth air flow
  • percolated water diffusion
  • high quality glass

This bong from Tree Glass provides an amazing experience with dual percolators. The smoke is filtered through the first chamber with the “Barrel perc” and again with the “Sprinkler perc” in the second chamber so by the time it reaches you, it becomes incredibly smooth. add ice with the built-in ice pinch to take it to the next level!

Sprinkler percolators are have vertical tubes extending upwards from the base, performing the action much like a lawn sprinkler.

Barrel perc, positioned upright or sideways within a bong, is a cylindrical perc with gridded slots to allow for a thorough filtration.