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BOLDTBAGS 1 Gallon 4 Bag Kit

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  • BOLDTBAGS are heavy-duty, industrial strength filter bags designed for ice water extraction
  • These bags are reinforced with double stitching using military grade nylon thread and heat-fused nylon, lined with fda compliant resins
  • Water tight lining ensures no absorption of bag contents into the fabric and produces a higher yield
  • Bucketless use in suspension systems
  • 1 Gallon capacity
  • Includes 4 bags of varying micron sizing

BOLDTBAGS are American-made, heavy-duty multi-purpose filtration bags. Whether you are washing plant material, making teas, draining cheeses, refining your brew, or performing a multitude of other functions, boldtbags are the strongest bags on the market. Different grades and levels of refining can be achieved.