Dewbie - Rehydrating Humidor Stone

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  • Soak dewbie in water for 30 seconds or so (up to 2 min. for max absorption)
  • Dab dry and nestle stone against dried buds for roughly 10 minutes per gram, then remove dewbie (exact time depends on numerous factors)
  • Works best at room temperature in a small airtight container with buds touching stone
  • Can be easily cleaned (soap & water/rinse)

Easy to use, just add water! Each "Dewbie" is a unique, handmade stone designed to hydrate stale cannabis.  All natural enviro-friendly and infinitely reusable.

Notes from Dewbie:

The dewbie stone will soak up, on average, about 2 grams of water over two minutes, but absorbs the majority of that within the first 30 to 60 seconds.

The amount of time for cannabis rehydration with a dewbie stone will be determined by quantity of herb, how dry the flower is, what you are storing/rehydrating it in, and your own individual moisture preference.  That said, a dewbie will refresh a couple of grams in 10 to 20 minutes using a small jar with a good lid, but a really dried quarter ounce can take an hour or two.