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DabWare Platinum 7" Silicone Nectar Rig

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  • 7" silicone medical grade silicone
  • portable concentrate water pipe
  • easy to clean, durable, highly convenient

The DabWare Silicone Nectar Rig is a portable concentrate rig where the the titanium tip is used to collect your concentrate for vapourizing within the tip. The silicone nectar collector offers water filtration for a smoother dab while you're on the go!

Using a Nectar Collector:

  • Use a torch to heat up the nectar collector titanium tip. 
  • Let the tip cool; 15-30 seconds is a good starting point for nectar collectors, but you will need to do a little testing to get the perfect temperature.
  • Place your mouth over the straw and inhale while you dip or lightly touch the heated tip to your waiting concentrates.
  • Inhale while you vaporize your dabs and pull the device away from your dish of concentrate.