Apex 12" Single Dome Percolator Glass Beaker Bong

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  • 12” Tall Beaker Bong
  • Pull-out Glass Bowl
  • Diffused Downstem for Smoother Inhalation
  • Ice Catcher for Cooling Vapour
  • Dome Percolator 

This Apex glass beaker-style water pipe stands 12" tall featuring a diffused downstem that helps cool vapour for smoother inhalation. It's made of high-quality, hand-blown borosilicate glass making it resistant to shock. It comes with an ice catcher for smoothness and a pull-out glass bowl for ease of use.

A Beaker Bong is defined by a wide flared base which tapers up into a straight neck. This design mimics the shape of an Erlenmeyer Flask, a beaker designed to maximize the volume and surface area in the bottom of the chamber providing maximum filtration for a cleaner experience. 

Dome Percolators are shaped like a dome with tiny slits on the bottom providing basic diffusion and may help as a splash guard. 

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